Why onaware exists

Onaware develops identity and privacy management compliance solutions that help regulated organisations achieve and maintain compliance while better serving their staff, partners and clients.

onaware is different from other identity security providers

Our aim is to revolutionise the delivery of Identity Security for our customers. We are driven by our passion to make Identity Security a fundamental element of every cybersecurity strategy.

Our values

While we are not strict adherents to rules, we remain committed to the core values that have been with us since 2010.

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We always strive to communicate truthfully and directly, but we also recognize the importance of delivering good news, or uncomfortable truths, with compassion and empathy.

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At the heart of our company culture is a commitment to unwavering integrity. We believe that earning trust and maintaining ethical standards are crucial components of building enduring relationships with our clients and partners.

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We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions, while also providing help and support when needed to foster growth and development as a team.

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We embrace diversity and recognize that our differences make us stronger. We value and respect each individual's unique skills, styles, experiences, and perspectives, and strive to create an inclusive culture that fosters innovation and teamwork.

Our history

Follow the onaware journey through the years, from our beginning in 2010 to our launching our new academy.


The Onaware Academy

The Onaware Academy is set to launch in Q3 2023 and will provide individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex landscape of Identity Security.

The Onaware Academy will offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers the latest trends, best practices, and industry standards in Identity Security.


Research and Development

Driven by customer demand and a need to deliver projects quicker and more efficiently, we had for several years used our own custom toolset on customer projects. In 2017, we decided to formalise the development of such tools by forming a dedicated team.

By investing in R&D, we continuously improve our services, innovate new solutions, and stay at the forefront of our industry.


UK team established

Despite maintaining a relatively low profile, Onaware established itself as a leader in the field of Identity and Access management throughout Europe with significant success in Scandinavia and the UK.

Due to the increased demand for our services in the UK, a dedicated team was established which included a dedicated Privacy and Consent management practice.


Onaware is launched

Under new ownership, Onaware was established with the clear goal of providing top-quality expertise in Identity Security to the EMEA region. While the rebranding from Mycroft EMEA to Onaware marked a new chapter for our company, we remained committed to delivering exceptional services to our clients.

At Onaware, we re-dedicated ourselves to helping organisations of all sizes across various sectors by being their trusted partner on their Identity Security journey.


The beginning

Founded in 2010 In Waterford, Ireland as the EMEA headquarters for Mycroft Inc, a leading US integrator.

Mycroft specialised in delivering innovative IT security, Identity and Access Management, and regulatory compliance solutions.

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