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Common Privacy and Consent questions

GDPR is just one part of an organisation’s overall obligation around data privacy and consent. Many organisations are non-compliant without even realising it. There was a huge focus on marketing and cookie consent when GDPR was first brought into force and many organisations were poorly advised by self-professed experts with little real understanding of the subject.

It often can. One example would be ensuring that only those with a legitimate need to access personal data can access it and the use of that data is tracked, logged and available as part of a full audit trail when required.

Yes, we can. We understand the changing regulations around cross-border transfer of personal data and we can ensure that you remain on the right side of the rules. After all, we helped to write some of them! We can craft Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) that will satisfy your country’s Competent Authority and advise you on how to implement appropriate controls to enforce them.