Research and development

We build our own tools and plugins which support the delivery and maintenance of identity security solutions without the costs of standard industry approaches.

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ATLAS is Onaware’s automated testing tool for Sailpoint IdentityIQ. The concepts underlying the ATLAS design are based on modern agile testing methodologies and it has been developed by Onaware based on delivering multiple complex large scale IdentityIQ implementations.

ATLAS provides a structured approach for regression testing and, also, when preparing an IdentityIQ implementation for transfer to IdentityNow or other SaaS Identity solutions.


ORDO is Onaware’s AI-based identity data quality and resolution tool. Every Identity Security project relies on the quality of available user data. This means that almost every project, at some point, encounters an issue that stops the delivery in its tracks. This is why we built ORDO.

ORDO uses advanced Machine Learning to analyze and match user records from disparate pools of identity data across your organisation. ORDO’s matching engine requires no special data preparation and can correlate millions of records at a time. Duplicate accounts, typing errors, missing attributes and outdated records are no problem for ORDO.


ONCIA is Onaware's Identity Security ROI dashboard solution and is used to monitor the financial and business benefits of an Identity Security project.

The ONCIA platform evaluates and presents financial and operational metrics, providing effective insights into the impact of your Identity Security investment.

By using ONCIA, organisations can make informed decisions about their investments and optimise their ROI and value to the business.


The onTRAQ Rapid Application Onboarding Plugin for SailPoint IIQ is a unique tool which addresses a common need we’ve identified on numerous projects - the efficient onboarding of applications into SailPoint IIQ.

onTRAQ offers a customisable set of steps that guides users through the application onboarding process, from providing high-level information, to the final stage of data aggregation and recertification.


OTIUM is Onaware's RPA-based solution for automating access provisioning for systems or applications where an API is not available.

By automating existing manual provisioning processes, OTIUM streamlines your access management processes and removes the risk of human error.

OTIUM can be configured to seamlessly integrate with any provisioning solution which supports the SCIM standard.