Project Recovery

Projects can go astray but all is not lost

Need help getting your project back on track? We're the experts in the assessment & recovery of troubled projects.

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Projects fail for a variety of reasons

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What we provide

Recovery can be complex. We provide a variety of services from full project recovery though to executive briefings.

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Project Audit/Review

A project review is a detailed analysis of the failing project. We’ll identify the root causes of the project’s issues and evaluate the impact on the project's goals, timelines, and budget.

Our review will also assess the performance of the project team and provide recommendations for improvement.

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Project Recovery

We’ll recover your project and achieve its original, or revised objectives. This will likely involve the implementation of a revised project plan, the allocation of additional resources, the development of new processes and procedures, and the realignment of stakeholder expectations.

The Onaware project recovery service will provide ongoing support and guidance to the new project to ensure that things stay on track and meets the agreed goals.

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Executive Briefing

An executive briefing is a vital element of any project recovery . Our briefing will provide C-level stakeholders with a clear understanding of the project's status, the reasons for the project's previous issues, and the steps that will be taken to successfully recover the project.

The briefing will also outline the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders and provide a realistic timeline and budget for the recovery.

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Interim Management

We can provide interim management with the experience and expertise to get the project back on track. Our interim manager will have a clear understanding of the project's goals, challenges, and requirements, and can build a new project team if required.

They’ll work closely with stakeholders to develop a revised project plan and manage the project either to completion, or to a point where it can be handed back effectively to the organisation.

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Speed and experience are critical for a successful recovery

Common project recovery questions

Project Recovery becomes necessary when an existing identity project is in trouble. This usually means that your project isn’t on track to meet its objectives in terms of quality, schedule, budget, or scope.

We pause and reset your project, getting it back on track. This often involves the development of revised project and resourcing plans, along with the implementation of new processes and procedures.

If your Identity Security project is not delivering what was originally scoped, or delivering to the plan has become more of a focus than delivering value to the organisation, your project is probably in trouble. A strong indicator is often that business stakeholders are disengaged and support from the business is low. The key to a successful recovery is recognising the need for intervention on a struggling project and acting before it ultimately fails.

Project recovery for Identity Security is a specialist area for Onaware and we bring with us a wealth of delivery experience coupled with expert technical skills, specifically focused on getting your Identity Security project back on track, without starting from scratch. Our rapid assessment service gives you the information you need to understand what is going wrong and how to put it right. Whether the problem is technology, approach, people or scope, because Identity is what we do, we know how to get to the root cause, fast.

Our team works closely with you to understand your business objectives and develop a recovery plan that aligns with those goals. We will also keep you and your stakeholders informed throughout the recovery process to ensure everyone is on the same page.

We provide a clear and transparent cost estimate, and will work with you to justify the value of our services in terms of the benefits they will bring to your business and stakeholders. Our goal is to ensure that the recovery effort is not only successful, but also a wise investment for your organisation.